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&The Shelton Act; Associates are different from other franchises, trademarks, and business law companies. Our lawyer is breaking the mold when he practices law. &Shelton Act; Associates established the Franchises Office, Austin, Texas, Tampa, and CA Office Folsom in 2009, and helped the proven entrepreneur's "brand expansion" through establishment of franchises, legal compliance, and sales and marketing best practices. Our franchise customers not only get the highest level of professionalism expected in the franchise industry, but also get the personal attention of the boutique law firm. Our promise is to name the customer, not just a file number.

Established in 2009


Our franchise law firm exists to help successful business owners move their business to the next level. We work personally with franchisor franchisees and franchisees to tailor our strategy to your situation. Our franchise attorney provides a uniform fee for almost everything. We'll help you with consulting, creating legal documents, and determining your bill from start to finish. We protect the money and provide support even after successful franchising. We also provide support for other legal areas, including business law, trademark law, will and trust. Dell's full-service company has experience as a franchiser and wants to help customers. Trust our experience, knowledge, and coordinated strategies, and don't be disappointed!