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Founded in 2015, we offer services to young families and small business customers in Cedar Park, Texas. Services include real estate planning, will, trust, attorney's authority, business formation, contract planning, contract review, and negotiation. We also offer legal services to Chiropractors and other medical professionals in Texas.

Established in 2015


We are a boutique law firm that works in the areas of commercial, medical and real estate planning. Dell's mission is to provide a great service to all clients at an affordable price. Dell's invaluable billing and fixed-price procedures can help you anticipate your costs and provide peace of mind. Dell attorneys provide customers with a number of standard forms. Provide the right services to your customers. Many customers have legal needs in redundant practice areas and enjoy the "puzzle piece" that provides comprehensive services to their business and family. They are based in Austin and are proud of their clients across Texas.

Joshua Massingill is a lawyer practicing at Cedar Park, Texas. He is Texas State Bar' I work with Law Practice Management Committee and Success-Werx Board of Advisors in. He is Leander ISD' He is leading a young entrepreneur from the IncUbatorEDU program and is active in church. Until 2014, he served as a legislative advisor to the U.S. national team in Washington, D.C., and decided to return to Texas for reasons that Texas could understand in essence. As an advisor to the Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee, he has managed a wide range of legal and regulatory issues and contributed to major legal reforms. As a lawyer and lobbyist for

Texas Chiropractic Association, he is widely recognized for his knowledge of Texas Doctors of Chiropractic legal issues. He helped draft the landmark SB679 bill, which allows medical groups to jointly recognize the Cairo Practor, and led the bill to pass. He has a heart for women

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I got to know Joshua and got a chance to know more about his law firm. He is a full-time worker. I feel free to recommend him to my family and friends. Joshua's goal is to help people with legal issues related to real estate, will and business formation. He's the best!

01/02/2021 10:45pm