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Jackson Law Farm in Cedar Park, Texas, is proud to offer a personal service that combines integrity and respect. Dell offers all family law issues for Round Rock, Austin and for individuals and families in the surrounding areas. From valuing divorce at home, to adopting a new child, we offer an experienced and effective representative.





Recommended! Thanks to Jackson and his staff. They quickly get good results for me and I am always grateful. If you need a good lawyer, you'll find it anywhere, but if you need a good lawyer, you should go to Jackson's law firm! !
Thank you, always recommended! !!!

12/26/2020 08:55am



In 2015, I contacted my parents' immigration procedure Kara Surrell, and after consulting them, I decided to employ her. It was nice at first, and I got rid of my position, and in a few months it became a little complicated, I couldn't get in touch, and I didn't want to get a phone call. I heard another story about her whereabouts from their receptionist. I am not professional. She was useful until one time, but unfortunately I didn't recommend her because I couldn't communicate.

12/26/2020 07:08pm



Justin agreed to my divorce at a flat rate I paid in full, but when he could not get my consent before me, he didn't want to do my case anymore and asked me to get away from it.  When I spoke with Justin, he said he would convince his opinion to get a good agreement, but basically he pulled out my money, declined before, went to trial and had a fight with the opposing Justin, but it wasn't my story. They are quarreling.  Justin wanted more money, but I had an autistic child and I couldn't afford it any more. Justin applied to be expelled from my patients because it was already $2,500 because we paid a uniform fee.  Basically, he took my money and ran.   He may be a good man if he has deep pockets and can leave his bill on, but he never keeps his word or keeps his word.  What is interesting is that I hired a lawyer to rewrite the documents, and I stood in a very good position and resulted in divorce. It was a simple case without assets that only children needed assistance.  It is a very simple slam dunk case, so sad that I can win and deal with it, and Justin can't.  I paid the lawyer 500 dollars, reviewed the laws, and helped the procedures and documents to recover the child's upbringing and seizure based on the original employment, but as I said earlier, Justin is a very simple case that I don't want to complete.  But I'll be careful to make sure I have a deep pocket and to what Justin promised and what he agreed. He's not a man who keeps his promise, but he doesn't have a sense of obligation to the contract!

12/25/2020 10:46pm