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Central Texas Hill Country Law is a customer-focused law firm specializing in many different areas. Founder and lawyer Jody L.Scott is a dedicated and ardent supporter of customers, providing information and updating customers throughout the legal process.

Established in 2018


Scott, the owner of Jody L. Central Texas Hill Country Row, is a virtuous, passionate and knowledgeable lawyer. The company is available in Render, Cedar Park, and North Austin.

Jody L·Scott   grew up with a blue color family that knew the value of dollars and hard work at Anchorage, Alaska.   She won a volleyball scholarship at the University of Tennessee (UT), attended a law school at Oregon University, presided over the students and became a mediator. In the past 15 years, the  Jodee has performed a lot of mediation and has implemented mediation programs for multiple schools at all levels.   Small, Medium, High School and High School nbsp;

2005, the Jodee has been working in Oregon and Mississippi and has a family in a beautiful hilly area in central Texas.  Jodee has been fortunate to work with a great lawyer trained in many legal fields.   She has a broad experience and is looking forward to becoming a one-stop law firm that can help meet all legal needs.
Jodee loves to explore Central Texas at your leisure.

Jodee S.
business owner